Actors From the London Stage: Richard III


Location: Mainsage Theatre

Actors From The London Stage present 'Richard III' by William Shakespeare. Founded in 1975 by actors from the Royal Shakespeare Company including Sir Patrick Stewart, Actors From The London Stage is committed to clear and creative storytelling. From a single trunk of props and costumes, five professional British actors bring Shakespeare's greatest works to life. Each actor takes on two or three major roles and several minor ones. All five work together to tell the story, for there is no director. This proven formula reignites Shakespeare's timeless stories with tour-de-force performances that bring you straight into the action, into the poetry, into the mind of the world's greatest playwright.

The AFTLS 'Richard III' cast:
Hannah Barrie
Evelyn Miller
Liz Crowther
Paul O'Mahony
and Alice Haig

Children under 18 are free with adult ticket purchase (limit five per adult). Due to adult themes, Richard III is not recommended for children under 10.

Tickets may be purchased at the DeBartolo Performing Arts Center Box Office.