Scene Shop

The Washington Hall Scene Shop is for the use of student clubs and organizations to construct sets and props for productions in Washington Hall. No other uses will be permitted. The shop has various materials (lumber, hardware, paint and supplies) that may be used. These materials are donated by student clubs after their productions. Groups are encouraged to use club funds to purchase the materials necessary for their production, and then donate any unused portion of those supplies to the shop's inventory. Arrangements to deliver materials in advance of scheduled shop time should be coordinated with Washington Hall management.

Training is required and must be completed prior to scheduled shop time:

  • Basic shop training is mandatory for all users, regardless of prior experience. Basic training covers procedures, safety, emergency response, best practices, basic hand tools and painting.
  • Advanced training is conducted on a tool-by-tool basis for the major power equipment in the shop including all power saws, drills, sanders and pneumatic tools. 

Shop activity is directly supervised by Washington Hall management. Several factors determine its availability, including other building activity and staff availability. Please send requests for shop use directly to Ron Grisoli, Washington Hall Program Manager at